Richard St. Barbe Baker – Published Books

Famous Trees of Bible Lands. H.H. Greaves, 1974
My Life – My Trees. Lutterworth Press, 1970
Horse Sense. Stanley Paul, 1962
Caravan Story and Country Notebook. Printed by McCorquodale Wolverton Bucks, London, 1969
Sahara Conquest. Lutterworth Press, 1966
True Book About Trees. Frederick Muller, 1965
The Redwoods – Famous Trees Series. Naturegraph (USA), 1960
Famous Trees of the World – The Redwoods. George Ronald, 1959
Famous Trees of the World – New Zealand. George Ronald, 1963
Kamiti – A Forester’s Dream. George Ronald, 1958; New York: Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 1963
Dance of the Trees. Oldbourne Press, 1956
Land of Tane. Lutterworth Press, 1956
Kabongo – Story of a Kikuya Chief. George Ronald, 1955
Sahara Challenge. Lutterworth Press, 1954; Wellington Books (USA), 1954
Famous Trees. Dropmore Press, 1952
Spirit of the Trees. Published privately by The Men of the Trees, 1947
Grune Herrlichkeit. Brockhaus Wiesbaden, 1957
Green Glory – Forests of the World. Lutterworth Press, 1947
I Planted Trees. Lutterworth Press, 1944
The Redwoods. Lindsay Drummond/George Ronald, 1943
Tambour Africains. Edition Stock Paris, 1943
Afrika Trummer. 1947 (Norway)
Africa Drums. Lindsay Drummond/George Ronald, 1942
Tree Book of the Seasons. Lindsay Drummond/Sir Ernest Benn, 1940
Among the Trees. Published privately by The Men of the Trees, 1935
Men of the Trees. Stanley Unwin, 1932
Men of the Trees. Dial Press New York, 1931
Brotherhood of the Trees. Mondiale, 1930

Source: E.I.1 Literary Activities – Lists, 1960-79